Rising rent makes home ownership more appealing

The housing market crisis turned hundreds of thousands of homebuyers into home renters in recent years, leaving a surplus of vacant homes on the market. While saving a few pretty pennies in paying rent versus a home mortgage deemed more convenience for residents alike, renting has now ironically become inconvenient for many.

Due to the high demand, rental rates have increased rapidly in most markets, ultimately making home ownership the more viable option. With the excess of vacant homes on the market, prices for homes are now marked at historic lows, along with mortgage interest rates. This especially holds true for those willing to invest in a distressed property that may require a little more work. The problem, however, is that current renters seeking to purchase homes are unable to due to the many financial limitations and restrictions imposed upon them, especially if a foreclosure or short sale was involved.

Here at Premier Mortgage Lending, and with our Another Chance Home Loan Program, we will help you reopen the doors to home ownership. Don’t let your past burdens trouble you into the future. Call us at (702) 485-6600 or visit www.AnotherChanceNevada.com for more information.

Premier Mortgage Lending assists buyers through Another Chance Home Loans

Premier Mortgage Lending and its Another Chance Home Loan Program are opening the doors to homeownership for Southern Nevadans who have experienced a short sale or foreclosure.

According to manager Rick Piette, the program and its complimentary prequalification process have garnered the interest of prospective home buyers who want to purchase a home in today’s buyers’ market, but are uncertain as to if they can because of their past.

“Now truly is a great time to buy a home in Las Vegas. But, it can be difficult for someone to take advantage of this opportunity unless you are a cash buyer or have financing all lined up. It’s even tougher for those with less-than-perfect credit and for those who have experienced a short-sale or foreclosure,” Piette said.

“Our Another Chance Home Loan Program offers prospective buyers, even those who have experienced a foreclosure or short sale, the opportunity to buy a home at today’s remarkable prices through privately-funded, full-documentation home loans.”

According to Piette, through Another Chance, private and institutional portfolio lenders offer home loans for the purchase of residential properties. Full-documentation underwriting guidelines are followed and at least a 20 percent down payment is required. These loans carry interest rates that are typically higher than traditional mortgage rates.

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Premier Mortgage Lending helps economy through second-chance mortgage loans

The economic recession has turned over 100,000 previous Clark County homeowners into home renters in these last few years, each throwing away nearly an average of $30,000 in just a five year span. Eager to get back into a new home, previous homeowners find that they are unable to due to the many restrictions now facing them. Of these restrictions, one includes waiting anywhere from three to seven years just to qualify for a loan after a foreclosure. Here at Premier Mortgage Lending, and with our Another Chance Home Loan Program, we can get you back into a home only one day after a foreclosure or short sale.

In an article featured in the Las Vegas Business Press, Rick Piette of Premier Mortgage Lending explains the philosophy behind his company. “I want to lend to good people whose home values dropped and they don’t want to be renters. Even borrowers with pristine credit have trouble. It’s a little tight right now and nobody understands why.”

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Financing after Foreclosure or Short Sale Seminar

New loan programs now make it possible to obtain financing as little as ONE DAY after a foreclosure or short sale. Is this program right for your clients? Should they wait for traditional financing? How long do they have to wait? Financing experts from Premier Mortgage Lending will present to you what’s in the ‘manuals’ and what the realities are. Special guest speaker, Jamie Cogburn of the Cogburn Law Offices will also be talking about his view on short sales and contingent liability and provide valuable information as to what you should and shouldn’t be telling your short sale clients! With over 100,000 people in our valley who have lost their homes to foreclosure or short sale – this seminar may provide you with the information you need to get them back into a home and increase your sales in this challenging market.

The seminar will take place March 26, 2012 from 10:00 to 11:30 am. Call today and RSVP at (702) 784-5051, as seats are limited.

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