Premier Mortgage Lending helps economy through second-chance mortgage loans

The economic recession has turned over 100,000 previous Clark County homeowners into home renters in these last few years, each throwing away nearly an average of $30,000 in just a five year span. Eager to get back into a new home, previous homeowners find that they are unable to due to the many restrictions now facing them. Of these restrictions, one includes waiting anywhere from three to seven years just to qualify for a loan after a foreclosure. Here at Premier Mortgage Lending, and with our Another Chance Home Loan Program, we can get you back into a home only one day after a foreclosure or short sale.

In an article featured in the Las Vegas Business Press, Rick Piette of Premier Mortgage Lending explains the philosophy behind his company. “I want to lend to good people whose home values dropped and they don’t want to be renters. Even borrowers with pristine credit have trouble. It’s a little tight right now and nobody understands why.”

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