Why Rent When You Can Buy?

At Premier Mortgage Lending, we know that there’s always been the debate between renting and buying. Right now however, mortgage rates are at a 19 month all time low. That, on top of what we can help you save, equates to a lot of extra money. Use it for home upgrades, or maybe a nice vacation to decompress from a move. The fact is, nearly half of all homeowners don’t shop around for a mortgage rate, and settle for what is placed in front of them. Doing that may mean fees, higher rates, hidden costs, etc. With Premier Mortgage Lending, you’ll know you’re getting the best rate and have nothing to worry about. Research has shown that renting now costs more than buying, so why not achieve homeownership?

Buying is Cheaper Than Renting!

Renting a home may seem like a simple choice to do, compared to buying. Less responsibility, less amount of credit, and the fact you aren’t tied to the home for a long period of time may appeal to many people. However, renting a home can end up costing more. This may make you wonder, is it worth it to rent when you can achieve the dream of homeownership? In a study of 100 large metropolitan areas, it was shown that buying is actually cheaper until the mortgage rate hits 10.6 percent. With Premier Mortgage Lending, even more money is saved, since there are no fees associated with our home loan program, and they offer the lowest rates.


We Have Your Second Chance!

Premier Mortgage Lending, the leader in home loans is proud to offer non traditional 2nd chance financing to those who don’t qualify for traditional loans due to previous short sales, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. When the bank says no, you can turn to us for help because helping people is our specialty. In addition, Premier Mortgage Lending offers loans with no fees and no points at the lowest rates. Why would someone want to pay money to borrow money? If you want to get into a home, call one of our experts today and have a Happy New Year 702-485-6600!