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Things to avoid when selling your home

Not getting Pre-Approved Before you try to sell your home make sure that you talk to a mortgage lender, like Premier Mortgage Lending, even if you prefer to pay in cash. You want to be sure that you can get pre-approved for your next home. Failing to de-clutter When people come to look at your […]

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Get the best deal on your Home Loan

The purchase of a home will most likely be the single greatest expense in your life; however, the decision on a mortgage lender will be the most important. It is essential to get the best deal on a mortgage as possible. To get a truly great rate you need to shop smart. People make the […]

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Premier Mortgage Lending – Another Chance Mortgage

Whether it’s one day, two years or three, if you have experienced a short sale or foreclosure, you CAN purchase a home again! There are new private home loan programs that make buying easier than ever before.  “Having had a foreclosure with extenuating circumstances, I was amazed that I could ever get a mortgage again. […]

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Premier Mortgage Lending Featured in Bloomberg Article

As a private-lender, Premier Mortgage Lending gives people a Second Chance at their credit. After the economic downfall many people were left forced to foreclose or short sale their home. While most lenders are turning away these people for conventional financing, we are looking at the person’s credit history prior to the foreclosure or short […]

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7 things to know about applying for Home Loans.

Buying a home is a big decision and with that comes a lot of learning about home loans. We, at Premier Mortgage Lending, have outlined 7 things that all buyers should know about applying for home loans. 1) Learn about the different types of loans that are offered and their benefits. Traditional loans (i.e. FHA, […]

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Premier Mortgage Lending is not a ‘hard money’ lender

A question we at Premier Mortgage Lending are frequently asked is: I have friends who took out one of those ‘hard money’ loans and they ended up losing their home. Could that happen to me? Answer: We do not consider ourselves to be a ‘hard money’ lender or a predatory lender. Our rates are normally […]

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Seven things to do to improve your credit score.

During the recession, hundreds of thousands of people saw their credit scores were negatively impacted. Now it’s time to get those credit scores back up. Here are 7 guidelines to follow to help improve your credit score. 1) Check your credit report. This should help to not only give you an idea of the direction […]

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If I declared bankruptcy, am I still eligibile to receive financing?

A question we are frequently asked here at Premier Mortgage Lending is If I’ve had to declare bankruptcy, am I still eligible for your loan program? Answer: Yes. We realize that the only way out for some of our borrowers was to seek the protection of the courts. Certain conditions apply, so you will need […]

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Purchasing a home after short sale, foreclosure now possible with Premier Mortgage Lending

While there are certainly rays of sunshine on the horizon for both our local and national housing market with increasing home prices and strong sales numbers, not everyone feels the warmth, especially the thousands of Southern Nevadans who have already lost their homes to either a short sale or a foreclosure and those prepping for […]

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If I foreclosed or short saled a home I own, can I get a loan?

A question we, at Premier Mortgage Lending, are asked frequently is: I have recently experienced a foreclosure or short sale of a prior home that I owned. Can I still qualify for your loan program? Answer: Our non-traditional loan program is tailored toward those borrowers who may have recently lost their homes due to foreclosure […]

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